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Sammy Gets Slammed

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Sammy is a cheerleader. She doesn’t have a boyfriend’ but all the boys want her. She has a perfect’ slender body with tiny perky tits and a small round ass. She really doesn’t have a lot of sexual experience’ but she loves to fuck. Sammy wanted to be famous’ and she decided that getting fucked on camera was the best way to do that.

Sammy went in and stripped for the director of a porn shoot. She pulled her top of and showed him her perky little nipples. He loved her tits and asked to see her completely naked. So Sammy obliged him by slipping out of her skirt and pulling her panties off too. He admired her little cunt and ran his finger between her pussy lips. Then he dropped his pants and offered her his huge prick.

Sammy got on her knees and started to suck the director’s cock. It was huge and she could only get a few inches into her mouth. He fucked Sammy’s little mouth’ holding her by the hair and his cock down her throat. She moaned at the penetration and felt her pussy juices start to flow.

Sammy was so excited that she begged to get fucked. She sat on the director’s lap and opened her legs wide. Her wet pussy slid right onto the director’s enormous rod. As he pushed up into Sammy’s pussy‘ she arched her back and let him hit her special spot. The thrusting of his prick drove Sammy crazy until she clenched her cunt tight and squirted her pussy juice down the director’s balls.

He pulled his dick out of Sammy’s tight cunt hole and stroked his prick over her open mouth and waiting tongue. Sammy licked at the tip of his throbbing cock until finally he released his load. Sammy’s pretty face and pink lips were covered with the director’s hot load of cock cum.

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Sabrina Shows Her Good To Pay Her Rent.

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007

Sabrina was having a bad day. She and her roommate were getting evicted and there wasn’t much she could do to get the money to pay the rent. So when she was stopped in the park by a guy who worked for a nude modeling agency, she was excited and gladly accepted the offer to make a lot of money for only a little modeling work.

Sabrina was surprised when she was asked to strip naked when she got to the studio. But since it was nude modeling, she assumed it was normal. So she began removing her clothes, taking her top off first and showing the modeling agent her tiny perky tits. Then Sabrina pulled her skirt up and showed off her shaved pussy. She asked if he wanted to see her pussy up close and he said yes, so she dropped her skirt to the floor, lay back on the couch, and spread her legs.

Her new agent friend was between her thighs in a second. He opened her little pink folds with his fingers, found her clit and after rubbing it a little, he touched his tongue to it. Sabrina was surprised, but when he began licking faster, she felt her juices starting to flow and knew she was about to cum. She decided to let him bring her to an orgasm, and as his tongue licked at her cunt, she squirted her juice into his mouth. Sabrina was shocked again when she found her agent’s cock waiting for her mouth, but she took it between her lips and began to suck him off. The more her lips slipped over his shaft, the more he wanted to see his prick disappear into her gorgeous wet pussy. Soon he pulled his prick from her lips and drove it deep into Sabrina’s cunt.

Sabrina knew this wasn’t normal nude modeling, but she needed the money badly and the agent’s prick felt incredible when it slipped inch by inch into her pussy. He began to bang her harder; his thrusting became deeper and faster until he was ready to burst. He grabbed his cock, yanked it out of Sabrina’s hole, and spurted his release all over her waiting lips.

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