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Shy Does What She Does Best

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Shy is one girl that definitely doesn’t live up to her name. From the moment we put her in front of the camera, she seemed like she couldn’t wait to get down to business and get a cock in her pretty young mouth.

Not wanting to keep an ambitious young professional waiting, we brought our guy and Shy tore off her silky red dress, revealing her perfect nubile body in all its glory. We barely had the cameras rolling when she was on her knees, working anxiously to unbutton our guy’s jeans and expose his cock.

The very second she got it out it went straight into her mouth, her full pink lips sliding effortlessly over the head and taking the full length of him in a single go. She purred with delight as she felt him growing hard insider of her, filling up her mouth with his thick cock.

Shy went into full effect, swirling her sweet pink tongue on his shaft as she slid up and down on him, her full beautiful lips forming a perfect seal that made it feel as if she was going to suck the cum right out of him. He began to moan and thrust into her, but Shy was too excited to be used like that. She took control again and began thrusting his cock into herself even harder than he had, relishing every wet second of it.

At last, she felt the telltale signs of orgasm coming from him and d him in as far as she could take him, so deep that her sweet little nose brushed against his body as she felt his dick begin to throb and send wave after wave of warm, delicious cum down her throat.

When he finally pulled out, Shy was all smiles, opening up wide to show us what a good job she had done, swallowing every last drop.

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